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Golden Lane


Pražský hrad, 118 00 Praha-Praha 1, Česká republika
The Golden Lane runs along the northern Prague Castle fortifications. It is a row of tiny houses built into the arches of the fortification wall after 1597 and over the years adapted. According to legends alchemists working at the court of Rudolf II had their laboratories here, but historic research shows that the houses were originally occupied by 24 castle guards who were responsible for guarding the castle gates. Later on poor goldsmiths and other artisans lived in the Golden Lane. In the past years all the houses have been restored and are open to the public as small shops selling souvenirs and books. A defensive corridor joining together the White Tower with the Daliborka Tower runs above the houses. The writer Franz Kafka lived in the house bearing the number 22 for a short while. Nobel prize winner Jaroslav Seifert used to often stay in house number 12.