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Mirror labyrinth on Petřín Hill


Petřínské sady 2-3, 118 00 Praha 1, Česká republika
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The labyrinth on Petřín Hill was built as the Czech Tourist Club’s pavilion at the Prague Jubilee Exhibition in 1891. It originally stood near the corner of the Industrial Palace at Prague’s Výstaviště exhibition grounds, but two years later it was relocated to Petřín Hill. A mirror labyrinth leading to a dioramic picture was installed in the right section of the building in place of a panorama of diapositive slides. The picture depicted a memorable scene from 1648, when Swedish forces attempted to seize the Old Town via Charles Bridge, but the city was successfully defended thanks to the resistance of students and teachers from a Jesuit college.

The elaborate combination of a three-dimensional foreground with a flat painting of the Hradčany district, which creates a real-life impression, is the work of the brothers Adolf and Karel Liebscher as well as Vojtěch Bartoněk. The inspiration for the Petřín labyrinth was obviously the Prater in Vienna. The second room, known as the Hall of Smiles, was furnished in 1911 with various convex and concave mirrors, which humorously distort people’s reflections. The labyrinth has 31 ordinary and 14 twisted mirrors, but originally there were only 35. The wooden building was completely refurbished in 1975.

Time scale

* 1891 – Mirror Labyrinth and diorama in KČT pavilion were installed at Prague’s Exhibition Grounds
* 1892 – The construction was relocated to Petřín
* 1911 – Crooked mirrors were included in the exhibition
* 1975 – General reconstruction of the labyrinth was undertaken


The labyrinth/Czech Tourist Club’s pavilion

The labyrinth/Czech Tourist Club’s pavilion is a loose copy of the gothic gate known as Špička, which was part of the medieval Vyšehrad fort built in the second half of the 14th century under the reign of Charles IV. It was adorned with nine spires. For the entire duration of the Jubilee Exhibition, a porter, or so-called gatekeeper, in period costume manned the gate with a halberd, lantern and keys. He watched the drawbridge leading to the building.

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