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Escarlata Circus - Devoris Causa

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Escarlata Circus - Devoris Causa

Escarlata Circus celebrates its 30th anniversary on a cake garnished with skips, feelings, balances, gravity, skills, animality, cruelty, sweetness and all the ingredients of
a beloved pantry.

DEVORIS CAUSA means past, present, future and, above all, imagination that is the most everlasting space that exists without measures and cataloguing, the freedom space par excellence. Show served in the privacy of a circular space where the movement’s poetry of both characters will make us travel to a future past from the undefined past perfect of the emotions. The manipulating of elements, in this case, vegetables, helps us to explain a cruel and daily story with the most tasteful scents of cuisine. The experimentation in the movement and the deepening in the drama of the characters who weep circus through the pores in the most unexpected moments, flavour the story in a sweet-and-sour, chilly, bitter and, even, salty way. It’s neither a cookery show nor a circus or dance or theatre performance; it is a dinner party to a daily ritual filled in intrigue, tasting, feats, movement and drama.


350 CZK

Age guidance

10+. Forbidden entrance under 5 years old, older children only with parents.
We kindly ask you to respect the parental advisory age recommendations. They are essential to the safety of the artists and the comfort of all our festival guests.


60 min