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Karmelitská 21, Praha 1 - Malá Strana
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It is soul exciting to share this event with you. With a deeper level of presence & awareness integrating into life, I feel blessed to guide you through a journey back to an open heart & more clarity within your mind. 

This takes place in the beautiful conscious "Blaho" - a place perfect for settling the mind & tapping back into our essence. 

The theme of this Satsang is: "Who am I?" 
In this session, I will connect to heart & intuition to bring a perfect balance of sharing, silence, meditation, Q&A. 
This seminar will touch upon
//two different perspectives of who we are & how we can merge both for a higher level of contentment, peace and clarity within our lives
//integrating universal wisdom into our every day life 
//different levels of awareness that we can connect to
//meditations for opening our hearts and forgiving 
//your questions with answers & authentic interactive sharing within the group 

There will be space for sacred silence to integrate the energies and wisdom from this Satsang as well as divine and joyful music. 

The Expression of Appreciation for this event will be 200 Kc. There will be a maximum of 10 people that can be part of this satsang for space & comfort. If you feel a yes in your heart, I am excited to welcome you into this beautiful space of purity, authenticity and wisdom.

Places & Venues

Karmelitská 21, Praha 1 - Malá Strana



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