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9th edition of the TWO FACES OF PRAGUE 2016/2017 photo contest

Archive: 9th edition of the TWO FACES OF PRAGUE 2016/2017 photo contest


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Já  Václavák / I  Wenceslas Square

The main focus is on two fundamental emotions – positive perceptions, what you love, what you like about Wenceslas Square and what should be development, and negative perceptions, what you don’t like, what doesn’t belong and what should be changed.

Because we are consistently striving for a better Wenceslas Square, we are calling on you, don’t be afraid of controversy. The main objective is to raise your interest, emotions and desire to comment on the current appearance of Wenceslas Square. Through the Two Faces of Prague photo contest, you can share your opinion on the environment of Wenceslas Square, the organisation of its use, safety, transport, function and use for the public.

The changes that Wenceslas Square is to undergo require a strong public bond to the square, be it in the positive sense of wanting to spend more time here, feeling good here, seeing the change, or in the negative  sense of what is problematic or cumbersome, yet wanting to be proactively involved in the pressure and change process.

Sdružení Nového Města pražského (The New Town of Prague Association), which is organising the contest, has consistently been striving to point out in a constructive way the positive phenomena and problems in the heart of Prague. The central purpose of the Two Faces of Prague photo contest project is the continuous real-time monitoring of development in the city centre in the defined area of Wenceslas Square and subsequently working with the obtained ideas and materials in cooperation with the Prague 1 city ward and Prague City Hall. By participating, you too can contribute to solving and improving the situation in central Prague.

The six best photographs will be rewarded by the photo contest partners, with a trip to Bratislava for two being the main prize from the organiser.
We are also announcing the contest on Instagram – #ILoveWenceslasSquare

The winning photographs will be put on display within an outdoor exhibition on Wenceslas Square in May 2017. This exhibition will be launched with an opening, where the authors of the best photos will be rewarded.

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